Good Health For All

Right now, our health care system is based primarily on treating diseases after they appear. And while it's never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle, why not start now, rather than waiting until you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Many of us access health care right now in mainstream medicine. We want to do more for our health and don't know where to turn. We may have a diagnosis and are currently prescribed medication. Which supplements can we take which will be safe and help us the most? What else can we do to restore and enhance our health and well being?

Or if we are currently not being treated for a particular illness, how healthy are we right now? Do we feel in optimal condition or do we seem to be dragging through the day? How is the quality of our sleep? Do we feel a sense of balance in our lives? And what can we do day to day to improve our overall sense of health and well-being, before disease sets in?

Raising personal awareness is a pivotal first step to attaining health. Recognizing there are things you can do daily to get healthy and stay healthy is the most critical step. Once you are aware, you embark on a journey for life that will only enrich the quality of your life and of those around you. This is the journey of personal transformation.

Second, health involves a mindset. The mindset is that you are worth the effort. Probably the biggest reason people let their health deteriorate is that they don't feel worthy of the time and effort that it takes. They fail to realize that if they don't take better care of themselves, they won't be any good to anyone else. In fact, as their health deteriorates, they will need to depend on others to care for them. And illness isn't a pleasant way to live. Ask anyone who is home bound or needs to depend on a ride for doctors' appointments. Or someone who is too weak to enjoy much of anything. Or in too much pain.

Health is not about subscribing to a magic formula or pill. It is a mindset that becomes a way of life.