Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse - Perfect for All the Family

It seems that, for many people, maintaining a healthy body is becoming increasingly difficult in the modern world. We tend to eat at all times of the day, often on the move, and never manage to find enough time to sit down at a table to eat a meal in the way that we should, enabling us to digest it properly. When it comes to the actual diet we consume, there are so many ways in which we fail to ensure it's as healthy as possible. Ready meals, takeaway foods and pre-prepared snacks are often high in unhelpful additives and low in a large number of important contents such as protein, vitamins, iron, calcium and fibre. However, it's so easy to take the recommended daily intake (RDI) of the latter, because Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse is readily available. It is a delicious drink that contains various concentrates that help the digestive system, including prunes, figs and dates. Hence, it is perfect for those without enough fibre in their regular diets.

One of the most important ingredients in Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse is FOS, otherwise known as Fructooliogosaccharides, a soluble, natural fibre which comes originally from chicory root. It helps the friendly bacteria in the body, especially in the bowel, to increase, thereby reducing the possibility of digestive irregularity and constipation. With so many of us suffering from stomach and bowel problems due to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles, taking a few seconds every day to drink this delicious supplement seems such a small price to pay. For anyone who has suffered a severe bout of constipation, any efficient way to reduce the chances of a repetition makes so much sense. It isn't often that a supplement comes along that is not only exceedingly healthy but also tastes delicious. With the power of figs, dates and prunes to cleanse the entire digestive system and to promote regular bowel movements, Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse is a tasty and efficient way to help put a spring back in your step.

Many families are discovering the benefits of Fibrecleanse, with adults and children alike drinking daily doses to help in the battle for sound digestive health. It is suitable for those aged five and over, and is so easy to digest. This tasty supplement also contains no artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. It's worth remembering that taking Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse should be accompanied by sufficient intakes of fluids, too. It is recommended that a minimum of 1.5 litres every day is the minimum, an amount that is extremely good for you anyway, so it should not be a problem at all. The daily dose of Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse should be two 5ml teaspoons for the first three days, then four for the next two weeks. After that, the regular intake should be two per day. For children, the recommended amount is one to two teaspoons daily. The bottle should be shaken well before pouring.