Health Insurance For All Americans - Who Pays?

I am a proponent of Personal Health Insurance for All Americans, but I am also a realist, a taxpayer and concerned middle aged American who just happens to live in Texas. We boast staggering numbers of uninsured residents, largely because of illegal immigration, which makes this very difficult to sort out. Texas has some 28% of its residents between 0-64 that are uninsured and 21% under the age of 17 uninsured. This issue is huge in scope and if we look at our European counterparts, it appears their social health plans have not been so good for their economies. What is the answer and who will pay for it? Congress says America can pay for it; and its that simple; but, let visit that notion for a few moments!

On June 16 2009 the Committee on Oversight & Investigations received testimony from experts on ways to safeguard America from insurance companies that use unscrupulous practices and and in turn jeopardize our American Financial Markets. Congress is working hard creating legislation to realize president Obama's promise of a National Health Insurance Plan to provide Health Care Coverage for All Americans.

My question is, Who is working on a plan to secure our borders and get to the heart of the issue. National Health Care will not be a viable issue if all of our pockets have holes in them. This proposed plan theoretically will be able to compete with private insurance and group coverage while at the same time guarantee coverage for all. Does anyone her know why Group Health Insurance is so costly now? The true cost in a society are people who do not support the tenants of its system in every way.

I am not talking about our seniors, who have worked all their lives to secure whatever benefits they receive and rightfully deserve. I am however referring to those who are benefiting and those who long to benefit from a system that you and myself will pay for, and in a greater way I submit to you unless the real issues are not addressed. With opportunity there should also be responsibility and accountability. I believe that no Uninsured Americans and especially Uninsured Texans should go un-noticed, But Who Pays?

So far the government's approach to National Health Insurance looks strangely similar to what we are watch dogging the insurance companies for doing. i.e. creating a geyser of money out of our retirement funds in the way of taxes and fees to cover the cost of people who benefit but do dot fully support our society.

Leaving it to partisan politicians may not be the answer either, because as I do, we all have emotional issues that shape our view and vote. However you feel about this issue, let someone know. Talk to your state representative if you believe congress has this puzzle sorted out, and talk to them if you think they are running off a cliff like blind hogs. No children should be without health care nor should any elderly Americans Citizens be without daily essentials and the love of those around them.